The thing about opinions is that usually everyone has one! In this category, we celebrate those who have an opinion, voice it and stick by them.


Sonam has been one pioneer as she channelised her inner conscience into the directive of right opinions, by expressing the same on social media. She got trolled, she got trashed, but never did she back down. The lady had opinion on everything, from rumoured catfights to her pictures from the wrong angle for all to ogle, she took them all in the right spirit. The lady even called out to Donald Trump for his tweet on Meryl Streep, and batted for Padmaavat.

Known to never mince her words be it any topic, Sona was not the one to back down even this year. From calling out the unfairness of Sonakshi Sinha, an actress being offered the mic at an international show instead of singers, to batting for Hrithik Roshan in his infamous tussle with Kangana Ranaut, charting the true definition of feminism in the process, Sona rocked through the year.

Ranbir may not be on social media, but senior Kapoor surely is active on Twitter and does not leave any chance behind to put forward his opinions, no matter how bitter they might be. The best was when he shut down a troll who threatened Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra post the ‘Padmaavat’ violence.

Swara’s bio on Twitter says that she is a Twitter warrior and troll destroyer, and she totally lived up to it as she expressed her opinions and was vocal about everything that needed to spoken about, this year. From taking up on Paresh Rawal on his tweet for Arundhati Roy, to shutting down KRK, the lady’s vocals were surely loud on Twitter as she voiced out her opinions loud and clear.

The lady surely was on a troll roll when she shut them up one after the other with her awesomeness. Be it the ones who tried to shame her for her photoshoot, or the ones who tried to justify the attack on Sanjay Leela Bhansali for ‘Padmaavat’ violence, Richa didn’t let anyone bog down her opinion.