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She is the queen of wits. Whether on face or on social media, trust Twinkle Khanna to liven up a dreary day with her play on words, combined with an opinion on a recent happening. This woman is hilariously unstoppable, and we are not even complaining.

Karan Johar has a quintessential style of penning down short letters in his tweets; to the universe, a feeling, or just on and about anything. And trust us when we say, his feeds totally keep us on tenterhooks of sass.

Ahh the evergreen agony aunt and proud. Shirish Kunder’s sass may not have reflected as well in his movies, but the man surely has wit pinned to his sleeve. As he answers questions that are downright hilarious, his poker-faced sass makes us want to devour his Twitter feed.

Senior Kapoor has always been a motormouth and proudly so. We are not complaining because his Twitter feed surely makes up for his son Ranbir Kapoor’s absence from social media. Rishi Kapoor’s no-nonsense attitude makes his sass an interesting emotion to encounter.

Junior Bachchan is one person whose feeds have always reflected his quite yet quirky persona. From giving it back to the woman who questioned his parenting, to countless other stuff, Abhishek’s feeds are quite entertaining.